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We engineered WallHolster™ to provide superior security, highly resistant to forced attack and manipulation. WallHolster™ is a wise investment to protect your gun from theft and protect your family from harm. We built WallHolster™ to last. In fact, if your WallHolster™ breaks or fails to operate properly in the first 2 years we will repair or replace it free of charge.
Get rid of that cheap trigger guard lock and get real security. Keep'em Safe, Keep'em Ready.

Push Button Codes: Depending on the type of buttons we build into your WallHolster™, available code combinations can range from 3,000 to over 134 million. We will ship your WallHolster™ with a random, non-changeable code. Keep in mind, all code/buttons must be depressed simultaneously in order for the WallHolster™ to unlock.

Double-Lock Codes: This is a great feature to increase security. On one button there is a dimple on the top. This button can be rotated 360 degrees to any of four different positions. When not in the proper position, the regular WallHolster™ code will not unlock. Only you will know which position is correct. This is a great feature for conceal carry trainers that have numerous guns on the range. This is also a great benefit in a household where the regular code is known by all family members and only you know what the double-lock code is and how it works.

Turn a drawer or cabinet door into a safe storage vault!
  • Protect children from hazards
  • Protect teens from meds & alcohol
  • Use in a hotel or dorm room
  • Lock up a purse at work
  • Secure a classroom cabinet
  • Lock up documents at the office
  • See Our Brochure

WallHolster Handgun Safe™
  • Instantly unlocks, every time!
  • Protect a curious child
  • Protect a distraught family member
  • Safeguard your handgun from theft
  • Don't let your gun be used against you
  • Secure to a closet wall or RV cabinet
  • See Our Brochure

Part Number
WallHolster™ in a retail package, for Right handed gun owners

Dear Valued Customer,

We no longer sell WallHolsters in small quantities.

If you are interested in purchasing 300 or more at a time, please contact us for price and availability.

If you are a manufacture, the technology is available for licensing
WallHolster™ in a retail package, for Left handed gun owners
WH-100-SAFE-S WallHolster™ HandGun Safe (small)
PuckIT™ Black Oxide Finish

WARNING: As the standard WallHolster can not safely store a loaded Model 1911 handgun or Derringer, use the WallHolster Handgun Safe (small).
FREE shipping on all orders shipped within the US (USPS flat rate box). No International Orders.
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