Buy GUNPUCK Gun Locks To Protect Your Family!

The headlines are heartbreaking; the misuse of a gun in the home leading to another family tragedy. You own a gun to protect your family and want to take steps to keep it out of the wrong hands like a curious child or a distraught and angry teen. Or a criminal set out to steal your gun or even worse use it against you. There are lots of gun locks on the market, but many worry about having their gun available in an emergency without having to search and fumble for the keys. There is a better way...WallHolster™ by GUNPUCK™.

WallHolster™ is a revolutionary way to secure your firearm and have it ready in seconds when you need it most. WallHolster™ instantly unlocks, can be mounted to a wall and requires no keys.

When seconds count...
count on a WallHolster™ !